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ASIP/AI4Arctic sea ice dataset - version 2 (link to, 03-06-2021

ASIP sea ice dataset - version 1 (link to, 06-03-2020


The ASIP project has published two datasets that can be used for machine learning applications. Both datasets contain several hundred Sentinel-1 (S1) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) scenes matched with sea ice charts (label material) produced by the Greenland Ice Service at DMI. The datasets also include co-located AMSR2 microwave radiometer sensor measurements to compli-ment the S1 data although in a much lower resolution. The datasets are described in detail in the dataset user manuals that are published together with the datasets.


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Journal article, peer reviewed

David Malmgren-Hansen, Leif Toudal Pedersen, Allan Aasbjerg Nielsen, Matilde Brandt Kreiner, Roberto Saldo, Henning Skriver, John Lavelle, Jørgen Buus-Hinkler, Klaus Harnvig. A Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Sentinel-1 and AMSR2 Data Fusion. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGRS), July 2020.