Sentinel-2 image courtesy of 

Photo by Peter Jacobsen, DMI

Danish Meteorological Institute

For more than 50 years, DMI has had the public obligation to operate the Greenland Ice Service and do systematic operational monitoring of sea-ice in Greenland waters in support of safe navigation. DMI is ASIP project lead and main recipient of the developed ASIP innovations, with the aim of making the public Ice Service more efficient. 


The DMI project team - Matilde Brandt Kreiner (project manager), Rasmus Tonboe, John Lavelle, Jørgen Buus-Hinkler, Gorm Dybkjær and others - has leading expertise in sea ice remote sensing from a focused research effort and the participation in several national and international projects. Main tasks in ASIP are the generation of an ice chart training data set for the CNN, implementation of the CNN-based ice mapping scheme in the DMI operations and the demonstration services to users. DMI has close cooperation with a wide user base, ranging from daily contact with individual users, primarily the Royal Arctic Line, to annual user meetings with authorities, companies and international stakeholder organisations.