The project

Sentinel-2 image courtesy of 

Photo by Jens Jakobsen, DMI

About ASIP

ASIP (Automated downstream Sea Ice Products) is a danish R&D project that seek to develop an automatic sea ice product service which can meet the increased demands for better and more timely sea ice information, to improve efficiency and safety of marine operations in Greenland waters.

ASIP will do this by taking advantage of the vast amount of free and available data from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites and by using novel machine learning techniques for satellite data fusion and sea-ice information retrival.

The ASIP end products will be made freely available through the DMI Ice Service to ensure maximum value creation for public and commercial users, as well as for new initiatives and derivative applications.


ASIP is a three-year Grand Solutions project (Nov. 2017 - Oct. 2020) funded by the Innovations Fund Denmark and partners.